SPECIAL EPISODE: The Other Side of Burnout

This is a special bonus episode of the Backstage Pass that is exclusive to those in my membership community. This message is so important for people to hear that I decided to air it as a standalone audio episode of the SWD podcast. Enjoy!

In this episode of Backstage Pass for Subscription Web Design, Steve discusses strategies for combating business burnout and enhancing personal development. He shares his real-life experiences of burnout and the strategies he employed to overcome it. These strategies include focusing on personal development, finding the unique ability that energizes him, limiting his daily tasks to three impactful items, and using 'thinking tools' from Dan Sullivan's content. The speaker also highlighted the importance of journaling and mindfulness of one's progression compared to their past rather than aiming for a constantly receding ideal future. He concludes by encouraging fellow entrepreneurs to persevere, stay focused on their unique abilities, and embrace the process of building success over time.

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SPECIAL EPISODE: The Other Side of Burnout
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