Tools for a Successful Subscription Web Design Business

In this episode of the Subscription Web Design Podcast, Steve Schramm directs his advice to beginner web designers looking to start their business. He breaks down the essential elements needed to build a web design business, including a host, platform, theme, page builder, invoicing system, CRM system, and project management system. He makes recommendations for each component, primarily favoring the use of WordPress. He explains the function of each element, providing insights into their benefits and caveats. By the end of the episode, listeners should have a solid understanding of what it takes to start a subscription web design business and the relatively low start-up investment required for this profitable and freedom-providing venture.

00:00 Introduction to Starting a Web Design Business
01:15 Understanding the Basics: Hosts and Platforms
04:12 Exploring Themes and Page Builders
06:37 The Role of Plugins in Web Design
07:19 Invoicing and CRM Systems for Your Business
09:06 The Importance of Project Management Systems
10:13 Conclusion: Getting Your Web Design Business Off the Ground

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Tools for a Successful Subscription Web Design Business
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